Friday Evening, October 22

7:00 PM

Jonathan Cruse

7:10 PM

Critical Theory & Christianity: Are They Compatible?
Neil Shenvi

8:00 PM

A Biblical Theology of Social Justice
Eric Watkins

Saturday Morning, October 23

8:30 AM

Coffee & Refreshments

9:00  AM

Critical Race Theory: A Deep Dive
Neil Shenvi

10:00 AM

Break Time

10:15  AM

The Bible, Race & Unity
Mark Robinson

11:00 PM

Critical Race Theory & the Battles We Face
Bernadette Smith

12:00 PM

Q&A Session with Lunch

Saturday Afternoon, October 23

1:00  PM

The New Canon: Assessing Books Like White Fragility and White Awake
Neil Shenvi

2:00  PM

From Communism to True Compassion
Ismael Hernandez

2:45 PM

Break Time

3:00 PM

Loving the Marginalized:  So What Do We Do?
Mart Novak